In the room


In the room

Coffee Tea

In the rooms where coffee and tea facilities are available, we have a set of coffees and teas to make your own hot drink. If you prefer, you can get more coffee or tea at reception - for a fee. The first drink is ours.



Do you want to use the phone? Dial 900 for the front desk or room number you want to reach. If you want to call an outside line, first press 0, followed by the number.



In some rooms there is an atmosphere fireplace. This can be turned on. On top of the fireplace is a lid. When you open it, you will see two rotary buttons to adjust the intensity. Below are 3 switches. The first 2 are pressed at the bottom. To turn on the fire, press the right switch (bottom, with the dash). Use the same button to switch off the fire place.


Do not disturb, please service

If you have hung a non-disturbing ticket at your door during housekeeping service, you will receive a service card from our ladies of the housekeeping. This allows you to pick up a service bag at the reception with clean towels.